Get access to your inside information

  • You know something is off but you can't put your finger on it – I quickly get to the root of the solution. 
  • You see your patterns on repeat and are over-it – when those come up, I clear the energy attached to the pattern.
  • You're looking for clarity and can take it from there – this is for the self-aware and proactive. I love handing over information for you to run with.
  • You need direction from your Spirit Team. – Who doesn't? This is why I started this work.
  • You are looking for guidance on a specific issue. – Answers come through but if there's a more pressing issue that is what comes to the surface.

Everyone needs that extra spark to shift.

When you seek clarity and a shift in direction

Let's do this!

How Shift Readings Work

  • The process takes around 90 minutes from start to finish.
  • I begin by tapping into your energy centers and doing a full assessment.
  • From there, I intuitively go where the energy takes me.
  • Usually, a theme will come through that I focus on; this is called The Pathway and work with 2 of these.
  • Everything is usually very straightforward and I immediately start clearing blocks where they appear.
  • Sometimes, it takes a bit to see the roots of dysfunction.
  • I scan your physical body, mental body, emotional body, and spiritual body for many different imbalances.
  • If you submitted questions, those will be answered if it's the most pertinent information.
  • You will receive a detailed written report with insights, recommendations, and homework.
  • Fee for this deeply insightful and intuitive service is $275 USD.

"Accurate, informative, inspiring."

  • Cheryl's ability to read my energy and my current blocks was insightful. She tuned into exactly what is going on for me energetically. The session gave me an easy way to shift by focusing on the solution she offered. Thanks Cheryl!
    Bernadette Dickinson

The fee for moving 2 Energy Pathways through your chakra and organ energies is $275 USD.

Everyone needs that extra spark to shift.

I'm in!

There are no refunds for this type of intuitive and healing service.