You’re In The Right Place!

Who is dictating how you live?

Let’s face it. You’re sick and tired of all the conflicting information about how to live, what to do and what not to do. I was too!

It's time to be, do & have what you want in your life. That means ditching the masculine paradigm of how things are supposed to be done and start doing things your way. The other way clearly isn't working!

Join Me in making your own rules and bucking the status quo.


Your intuition runs deep.

Dissolving Unwanted Thoughts

Peace – Freedom from fear. Dissolving unwanted thoughts. I’ve been doing a lot of dissolving unwanted and disturbing thoughts. Where can you let go of worrying and future-tripping on things you have no control over? I am queen of this behaviour but now it is easy to recognize and put a stop to it. To […]

Fear + New Life Lessons

“Whenever you take an adversarial attitude toward something, you give it power.” ~ Dr. Christiane Northrup What scares you? For many of my peers (and myself) who market and communicate for our businesses over the internet, there is a lot of fear around a few areas: Fear of being criticized. Fear of being thought a […]

Difficulty Maintaining a Positive Mindset?

A positive mindset is like meditation, there are many students and very few masters.   I get it…I’m not asking you to always be Positive Polly, but… What tools do you use regularly to maintain your mindset and do you use them effectively?  In all honesty, it’s been hit or miss with me sometimes.   […]